PugRidge Place Providing excellent products since 2003!

How We Got Started

PugRidge is home to the Carrico family; Greg, Camille, Catlin and a host of critters. We are located in the hills of the Appalachians. On a mountain called "Backbone", the highest point in Maryland, is where you will find a little farm called PugRidge Place. PugRidge itself started because our daughter, Catlin, joined a 4-H Club and wanted to have an animal project. The family decided upon goats. In 2002, we began with two 50% Boer does, Izzy & Nessie. In 2003, we added two 75% Boer does, PugRidge Catli's Tipper Gore and PugRidge Catli's Gumby Dam-It. Catlin decided to take her 2004 fair premiums and purchase two purebred Nubian dairy goats: Thelma & Louise. In 2005, we had our first pureblood Boer doe and our first Nubian kids. It was in 2005 that the soap and lotion business started. 

The Goat Milk Glycerin Soap and Lotion began as Catlin's entrepreneurship 4-H project and to help to finance her dream of becoming an agricultural educator.  Catlin is in her last year of graduate school pursuing a Masters of Agricultural and Extension Education.

For years we have been providing top quality skin care products making the customer a priority.